To become the premier full-spectrum drone services provider.


Build Together

Take Care of Each Other

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The Team

As a veteran-owned business with nearly 20 years of flying experience in the military and commercial airlines, we’re familiar with what it takes to pilot aircraft in a variety of complex environments. As an FAA Part 107 certified small Unmanned Aircraft System operator, we adhere to all federal, state, and local regulations while simultaneously providing creative and professional photography and videography services.

The Name

“Blue Nose” is a nod to our time spent in the US Navy. When sailors cross into the Arctic Circle for the first time, they’re inducted into the ‘Order of the Blue Nose’ as a testament to their navigational skills and endurance. While perhaps an odd choice for a business name, achieving your ‘Blue Nose’ has come to symbolize the pursuit of excellence despite challenging conditions.  That’s what we aim to provide for our clients - unparalleled imaging solutions no matter the degree of difficulty

The Drones

At Blue Nose, we've got a DJI drone for every occasion. From the Mavic Mini's agile performance indoors, to the Mavic 2 Pro's high-resolution Hasselblad camera, to the Phantom P4 Multispectral's six camera array for precise agricultural insights, we deliver unbeatable imagery - affordably and quickly.