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Daniel Sutton

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Daniel Sutton, an airline pilot with a rich family military heritage, embarked on his journey in the skies at the age of 19 while attending Vincennes University in Indianapolis. Initially, he worked at an FBO, fueling airplanes. As he completed his flight training, his passion for aviation drove him to excel at Republic Airlines, where he initially served as a Crew Scheduler and later took on the role of Flight Training Coordinator.

Upon graduation, Daniel delved into aerial survey flying, operating C310’s, Aero Commanders, and Navajo Chieftains. Seamlessly transitioning from film photography to Lidar missions in fixed-wing aircraft, his fondness for GIS and high-resolution mapping blossomed. He also gained valuable experience in medevac operations, piloting a King Air aircraft in Las Vegas, and providing services to Surf Air in Los Angeles aboard a PC-12. Expanding his expertise further, he flew the Embraer 175 for Skywest.

Currently, Daniel fulfills the role of Safety Management System and Flight Data Analyst at UPS Flight Forward in Louisville, KY. Leveraging his extensive background, he analyzes flight data and devises innovative safety management strategies and mitigations for unmanned aerial systems.

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