Golf Course Management

We’ve partnered with TerraView Solutions, to offer a cloud‐based turf health analysis platform for golf courses. We help courses save time and money, as well as improve their turf health by turning drone‐based imagery into actionable intelligence and a powerful visual tool.

Cannabis and Hemp Plant Management

There are currently over 2.3 million acres of licensed cannabis fields around the planet. That number continues to grow as legalization continues throughout the world. Many cultivators are currently using outdated technology, or manual labor, to measure their plants’ health, track plant counts, and canopy size – often resulting in costly errors. Our Scout platform helps cultivators manage inventory, optimize harvest times, estimate yields, recognize pest and disease damage, and identify issues long before the naked eye.

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Precision Agriculture

With our Scout precision agricultural service, we’re able to gather real-time plant health insights, recognize disease & pest stress, and provide plant counts, zonal statistics, and prescriptions. We work with farmers, agronomists, cultivators, and consultants to ensure optimal harvest times and calculate yield estimates – ultimately saving time, money, and valuable resources.


Orthomosaic Mapping – the stitching together of hundreds (if not thousands) of individual images isn’t just fun to look at! These maps are being used by law enforcement, environmental conservationists, construction companies, realtors, first responders, farmers and more. The applications are endless. We can provide these detailed images remotely, affordably, and quickly.

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Keep up to date with the status of your project by taking advantage of the unique capabilities that drones can offer. sUAS eliminate the risks of manned inspections by safely providing quick and affordable insights into your development without you ever leaving the ground. Stay informed by allowing Blue Nose to deliver visual updates and assessments on the progress of your job, right from the safety and comfort of your own office.

Commercial Marketing

Ready to take your organization to the next level? We can give your marketing team the boost it needs to really stand out. Capitalize on the creativity and skill of our pilot photographers and professional editors to gain that competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Blue Nose knows business!

​Real Estate

Is it time to sell? Get the upper hand in a competitive market by letting us show off the truly unique features of your property. Our drones use cutting-edge technologies that provide platform stabilization, high-resolution imagery, and distinct angles to get the perspectives that traditional photographers can’t. We also pride ourselves in creating one-of-a-kind videos that give listings a leg-up!

Roof Inspections

Worried that the recent storm damaged your roof? Curious about the condition of your solar panels? Not sure if you really need to get your gutters cleaned out this year? Leave the ladder in the shed and let Blue Nose give you the peace of mind that comes with aerial photography. We provide on-site inspections of anything you need – property, rooftops, solar panels, gutters – you name, we can shoot it.

Special Events

Don’t let your big day go by without an eye in the sky. Traditional photographers are limited by the images they can capture because they’re restricted to the ground. Drones can complement your special event by offering scalable aerial photography and videography services to help make your memories last a lifetime.