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Overland Park, Kansas

Matt Clark

(515) 418-0658

Welcome to the Overland Park Blue Nose franchise! Our franchise was founded by Matt Clark and has expanded with co-owners Ned Kelley and Mary Gerlt. We have known each other as friends for several years and have spent countless hours working together serving the community through volunteer work and civic engagement. Coming from diverse career backgrounds, we have the expertise to deliver professional results to meet your aerial imaging needs!


Matt Clark brings ten years of experience as an airline pilot before he caught the entrepreneurial spirit and opened this franchise. Among many roles, Matt is providing airline style standardization and training to our location. With this methodical approach to growing our business, we are ensuring we can deliver consistent, safe, and high quality products to our customers.


Ned Kelley brings a diverse background of experience to our ownership team. Ned has previously owned and operated his own company for six years. Ned has held leadership and management roles in several positions in different industries. Currently, Ned is our primary drone pilot and will likely be the person you meet on site!


Mary Gerlt has spent the last twelve years in commercial property management and will soon be our newest drone operator! Mary also brings valuable experience in business administration to our team. Aerial imaging is an incredibly valuable tool in modern property management, so please ask for Mary to learn more!


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