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Originally from Texas, Olivia Williams is an experienced UAS operator and aerial photographer with a deep passion for capturing breathtaking imagery from the sky. With a background in military and commercial UAS operations, she has accumulated over 1000+ flight hours on multiple UASs. Her expertise extends to agricultural analysis, roof inspections and building facade inspections, where she utilizes UAS technology to provide valuable insights and data to support decision-making processes. Currently residing in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, She loves exploring the Pacific Northwest and capturing unique perspectives and stunning visuals of the landscape with her DJI Mavic 3. She takes pride in combining her UAS expertise with her artistic eye to create visually stunning content that showcases the beauty of the world from above, while also delivering valuable insights for various industries.


Lasse Iversen, hailing from Norway, is a co-owner with a diverse background! Lasse’s aviation journey began in 2012 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he met and later married his business partner – Olivia Williams. Prior to that, he served in the Norwegian army as a conscript in the Engineer Battalion. Since 2017, he has operated different types of drones and holds a Part 107 certificate.

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