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Troy Ingram

(805) 387-8382

Troy Ingram is the owner of Omni Aerial Services LLC and a franchise owner with Blue Nose Aerial Imaging.  Troy has over 35 years of experience in the aviation industry providing data systems and instrumentation services for aircraft flight testing.  This experience includes aircraft ranging from Small Uncrewed Air Systems (sUAS) to DC-10 and B777 aircraft as well as 20 years of developing and using Differential GPS survey and tracking systems for aircraft noise testing.

Since 1997, Troy has held certification as a Private Pilot, Single Engine, Land and in 2023 decided to leverage his years of experience in aircraft testing by expanding into drone aerial imaging services.  After acquiring his FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot Certification he joined Blue Nose Aerial Imaging to help expand the available national services.

Troy provides services to much of Ventura County and the southern San Joaquin Valley in Southern California.  These services include solar, roof, and utility inspections, along with mapping and precision agriculture services.  Call or email us and we will be ready to discuss your needs.

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