Best Drone Videography Company 2023 – With Samples

Looking for the best drone videography company to work with your business? We're a premier full-spectrum drone videography company with professional pilots.

From infrastructure development and media to home delivery and mining, drone technology is disrupting industries and making waves all around. Whether you want a new perspective for your wedding shoot or to highlight the dynamic nature of your workplace, drone videography helps you get a bird’s eye view of what matters most to you. Drones are boosting crop yields, verifying insurance claims, and helping photographers & filmmakers in productions. Are you looking for the Best Drone Videography Company to work with and leverage high-end drone footage for your business? Look no further!

Partner With The Best Drone Videography Company

Blue Nose Aerial Imaging is a premier full-spectrum drone videography company. From Washington to Florida and New York to California – this veteran-owned drone videography company is the only franchised commercial drone services provider in the United States. With years of experience with drones and small-time to city-sized projects, our professional pilots have worked with a wide range of contractors, facility managers, schools, concerts, and personal event planners to find a perspective that shows the whole picture. 


Why Choose Blue Nose Aerial For Drone Videography?

Veteran Owned Business

Give your business a competitive advantage and trust in a veteran! Nearly all of our franchisees are professional airline or military pilots who possess a strong work ethic, are great team players, and work by a code of ethics. Their well-trained background in aviation offers knowledge, skills, and expertise that other drone service providers simply cannot match. We know what it means to deliver the right product at the right time. 

Licensed & Certified Pilots

All of our drone pilots have FAA certification along with years of experience flying UAVs, and we pair them with leading technology. 

High-Quality Images & Videos

From the latest drones to the most advanced software systems – we strive to seize the most captivating video shots that are otherwise difficult to witness. Our aerial footage continues to impress our clients by combining state-of-the-art drone platforms and high-resolution sensors. Backed by a dedicated group of video editors, we transform drone videography into the exceptional experience that our clients deserve.

Nationwide Service

We are the only franchised commercial drone services provider with over 25 franchise locations across the United States. Our ability to quickly respond to the needs of any client – anywhere – is a distinct advantage that our franchise business model affords. Our team of professional pilots utilize common systems and manuals to operate in the same standardized manner throughout the country – so you have the same great experience and high-quality footage where you need it.

Superior Customer Service

Our clients deserve the best! Blue Nose Aerial Imaging is heavily invested in the success of our clients. This is a major reason why most of our clients come back to us for further projects. We believe in building long-term, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients through top-notch work and superior customer service.

Our Clients Are Happy

Nothing gives us greater pride than seeing our clients’ satisfaction when they see the work we produce for them. We’ve transformed the way businesses operate, market, and succeed by leveraging the unique vantage points that our drones and pilots provide. 


How Can We Help You?

Golf Course Management

Blue Nose Aerial Imaging is a leading drone videography company offering aerial imagery, enabling you to maximize turf health, aesthetics and playability while reducing water usage and costs. Our partnership with TerraView Solutions allows us to offer a cloud based turf health analysis platform for golf courses.



Solar Inspections

Whether you need to inspect a site for warranty claims, monitor the performance of your solar PV system operator, or just want your investment to perform optimally, Blue Nose Aerial Imaging’s flexible and cost-effective drone services can help you with your goal!


Precision Agriculture

We help farms and agricultural businesses nationwide monitor crops, manage irrigation, identify growth patterns, and optimize harvest times. With our precision agriculture service, we help growers gather real-time plant health insights, recognize disease & pest stress, and provide plant counts, zonal statistics and prescriptions for better crop management. Partner with Blue Nose Aerial Imaging to save time, money, and valuable resources.



Blue Nose Aerial Imaging offers aerial mapping services that capture high-resolution three-dimensional terrain measurements with precision and accuracy. Our services are vertically integrated to add value to the agriculture, utilities, construction, energy industries, and more by delivering actionable data and media to our customers.



Capture an entire project from the sky with captivating drone videography to stay updated with the status of your project, or showcase your work from start to finish and tell a compelling story with quick and affordable drone services for construction. Monitor progress consistently without ever leaving the ground.


Commercial Marketing

Bring a fresh perspective to your audience and attract new viewers with high-quality drone videography. Our professional pilots and editors can take your organization to the next level and help you gain that competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Capitalize on their creativity and skill to enhance the message you send to your community, stay relevant in advertising strategies, and broaden your reach with photos and videos that show your business within the context of surrounding attractions.


Real Estate

Leverage professional drone videography and get stunning aerial footage to showcase your property from a unique perspective. Blue Nose Aerial Imaging offers fast and professional aerial photography services at competitive pricing that fits your business needs. Our professional drone pilots provide high-resolution imagery at distinct angles – perfect for showing the surrounding neighborhood, viewing larger properties, and providing context to nearby amenities and features.


Roof Inspections

Let Blue Nose Aerial Imaging help you collect important and actionable data on commercial and residential rooftops to see the building condition, spot leaks and imperfections, or simply understand current vents, HVAC systems, or installed solar panels on your roof. We also offer orthomosaic mapping to further expand the information accessible at your fingertips.


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Interested in working with professional drone pilots and leveraging premium drone videography for your business? Work with Blue Nose Aerial Imaging. 

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